• Gillespie Debate Highlights Mark Warner--Barack Obama's Blank Check

    Ed Gillespie effectively made the case for his campaign at the ONLY debate to which Mark Warner has agreed.

    Click on the headline of this post to check out the rave reviews of Ed's performance.

    And don't miss the pics on Twitter of the debate watch party at Alexandria GOP HQ.

  • Dave Foster Republican Nominee for HD 48 Special

    Republicans in the 48th Legislative District (North Arlington and McLean) have nominated Dave Foster for the August 19 special election. Dave, who recently served as president of the Virginia Board of Education, was elected twice to the Arlington County School Board, has long been a friend of the Alexandria GOP.

    Let's support Dave and our Republican neighbors. You can contribute and learn more about Dave's campaign at http://fosterfordelegate.com/donate/

  • Who is Don Beyer?


    Email Post from Mark Kelly, Chairman of the 8th Congressional District Committee.

    Don Beyer won his party's nomination in the 8th Congressional District last week. For the duration of the campaign, Beyer ran hard to the left. He supports restricting health care choices through Obamacare, supports higher energy prices through a carbon tax, supports restricting second amendment rights, and well, pretty much every other favorite liberal pet cause.

    The day before winning the primary, he gave an interview to the New York Times where he characterized himself as someone in the "middle" not in the "left corner."

  • The Field is ALMOST Set & Virginia May Get a Budget


    Email post from Mark Kelly, Chairman of the 8th Congressional District Committee.

    By now you have certainly seen that Ed Gillespie is our nominee to defeat Mark Warner in November. Ed received overwhelming support from 8th District delegates who showed up in large numbers on Saturday - despite the long drive to Roanoke.  

    Shak Hill made a strong showing at the convention, but graciously conceded, and threw his wholehearted support to Ed, when the outcome became clear. Shak, Tony DeTora and Chuck Moss all pledged to support Ed as our nominee -- demonstrating leadership in the united front we need to beat Mark Warner and take back the U.S. Senate this fall.

  • We have a Republican Nominee for the 8th District House of Representatives seat


    Micah Edmond

    is our Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives for the 8th Congressional District in Virginia.  He was nominated at the District Convention on April 26, 2014.  

  • ARCC Member Sharon Annear Supports Emergency Service in Budget Testimony


    At the City Council's public hearing on Saturday, April 12, Sharon Annear, chair of the ARCC Research Committee, testified in support of continuing vital fire fighting services around the City. And, like any good Republican, gave the Council specific cuts to make in the manager's proposed budget to fund these vital services.

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